Propane gas. The best alternative

Particularly with the war in Ukraine and the accompanying huge increase in the price of natural gas, propane gas has become an inexpensive alternative in many cases.

Has your natural gas price risen sharply? Then propane gas can be an economically attractive source of energy for you. OK GAS is the only propane supplier with its own gas depot. As a result, you always have high security of supply when buying propane gas. Curious about the price?
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Switching from natural gas to propane gas?

From the propane tank we install an underground off-take line to your home and or other buildings. Your installer will connect a pipe installed by us to your combustion equipment for this purpose. A notification for the placement of the tank at the relevant digital government office is an obligation. Our account manager will assist you with this if required.

NOTE: Your combustion equipment must first be made suitable for propane gas by your installer, usually this is a small thing but it must be done.
If you can meet the minimum requirements, we can visit you without any obligation and give you a customized advice including quotation. After approval of the quotation, OK GAS will deliver your tank and piping on short notice.
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Why propane gas?

Propane gas is your clean and independent energy source

If you live in the outlying area, chances are you do not have direct access to the natural gas grid. This is often not easy to achieve in such places either. With propane gas, you can still enjoy the benefits that gas has to offer.

In this way, propane gas is a clean and economical source of energy that allows you to control the temperature in your home in a controlled and efficient manner.
Propane gas and the environment

What is propane gas?

Propane gas is the name recognized by the average Dutchman. However, the correct terminology is liquefied petroleum gas. The difference between natural gas and petroleum gas is the calorific value.

For example, the calorific value is about 90% higher than the calorific value of natural gas. This means that propane gets much hotter than natural gas and, as a result, consumption is significantly lower.
A propane tank can be connected to existing natural gas connections.


Both underground and above-ground tanks are available.


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No more worrying about refilling your tank?

Getting your propane gas tank filled automatically

All of our tanks are equipped with free telemetry. This allows us to remotely measure how much gas is left in your tank. Thanks to telemetry, you are never without gas! We will be happy to advise you on the optimal energy supply.
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Do you have any questions?

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We answer all your questions about propane gas

What is your gas price?

The gas price fluctuates weekly and is determined by tank size and the number of gallons purchased annually. Contact us for your personalized offer.

What should I do in the event of a gas leak?

First close the tank's gas delivery valve. Shut off the gas supply inside. Extinguish all open flames. - Do not turn on electrical appliances (be aware of appliances that may turn on and off automatically) - Open all doors and windows and ventilate sufficiently at a low level (propane is heavier than air). Call OK-GAS and/or your installer.

I have my own gas tank and it needs to be refilled, what does the gas cost?

It depends on the volume as well as the desired delivery time. Contact us for your personalized offer.

Which is cheaper natural gas or propane gas?

Natural gas is generally cheaper than propane gas. The price of natural gas is often lower due to its greater availability and lower transportation and storage costs. However, in some situations, propane gas can be an economical alternative, especially in locations where natural gas is not available.

How dangerous is propane gas?

First of all, Propane gas is highly flammable and, when in contact with oxygen, can form an explosive mixture. Hence, propane gas is stored at a safe distance from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames and other ignition sources in propane tanks.

Is propane toxic?

Although propane is not toxic by itself, high concentrations can be intoxicating or suffocating by displacing available oxygen. Direct contact with liquid propane can also cause frostbite.

Chance of propane leaks

Still, the chances of a propane tank leaking are minimal. The tank, gaskets and fuses should be inspected and/or replaced periodically. If a leak does somehow occur and the propane ignites, it can lead to a lake fire or, if not directly ignited, an explosive gas cloud. As a propane supplier, we ensure that our tanks and systems are properly maintained and inspected to minimize the risks.

Can you cook on propane gas?

Yes, you can cook on propane gas. Propane gas is often used for cooking appliances, both in households and in the hospitality industry. It provides consistent heat and is suitable for a variety of cooking applications.

Can you smell propane gas?

Propane gas is naturally odorless, but an odorant, usually ethane thiol, is added to make leaks easier to detect. This odorant gives propane gas a recognizable, unpleasant odor similar to that of rotten eggs or sulfur.

Can a central heating boiler run on propane gas?

Yes, a central heating boiler can operate on propane gas, but it may be necessary to modify or replace the boiler with a model specifically designed for propane gas. This can be done by a licensed installer. When installing a gas tank, OK GAS can advise a licensed party.

How long do you do with 10 kg of propane gas?

The duration of 10 kg of propane gas depends on the consumption of the equipment you use. As a rule of thumb, you can assume that 1 kg of propane gas provides about 14.6 kWh of energy. To calculate how long you will do with 10 kg of propane gas, divide the total energy content (10 kg x 14.6 kWh/kg = 146 kWh) by the energy consumption of your equipment (in kWh). For example, if you have a stove that consumes 1.5 kWh, you could cook for about 97 hours with 10 kg of propane gas (146 kWh / 1.5 kWh).

1 liter of propane is how many m3 of natural gas?

Typically, 1 liter of liquid propane equals 0.76M3 of natural gas or 1M3 of natural gas is 1.32 liters of liquid propane

1 kg of propane is how many m3 of natural gas?

Normally, 1 kilo (liquid) propane contains 2 liters of liquid propane (rounded). So 1.52m3 of natural gas

1 kg of propane is how many m3 of propane gas 1 kilo of propane (liquid)

1 kilo (liquid) of propane contains 2 liters of liquid propane (rounded). 1M3 propane contains 3.85 liters of vaporized propane. So 1 kilo of liquid propane forms 0.52 M3 of propane vapor (1/3.85x2)

How is the price of Propane gas structured?

The price of propane gas is made up of production costs, taxes, government fees, transportation costs and a number of other factors.