Propane gas, the economical alternative to natural gas!

In outlying areas, a connection to the natural gas grid is not a given. In these parts of the country, propane gas is the perfect alternative. Why? Because it does not require a permanent connection to the gas grid. Propane gas is delivered via tanker trucks and stored in a gas tank at your home or garden. Moreover, all propane gas supplied by OK GAS is 100% CO2 compensated.

Natural gas more expensive than propane gas

Whereas the price of natural gas is being pushed to record highs by the current energy crisis, the same is not true of propane gas. Why is the price of propane gas not rising? It is because it is linked to the price of petroleum, not natural gas. Therefore, since the war in Ukraine, propane gas is cheaper than natural gas. So we noticed that at OK GAS. Thus commercial director Martijn Knollema, in an interview with LTO Nederland, indicates that OK GAS "is being buried under requests.

Consumers in urban areas are also switching.

And that's new. Because until recently, natural gas was always cheaper than propane gas. No reason to switch. "Propane gas was used until recently only when there was no natural gas connection available. There was no other reason. But now that burning propane gas has become relatively cheaper, more and more people are switching."

At the time of writing, propane gas is about three times cheaper than natural gas. Many businesses and households want to get rid of natural gas. It is even encouraged by the government. So they are looking at different ways to heat buildings. Propane gas is one of them. And with the waiting times for solar panels and heat pumps also increasing, applications are flooding in. 'Propane gas is really gaining popularity among ordinary consumers.'

Propane gas as a transition fuel to sustainability.

"Solar panels and heat pumps are hard to come by. And if you get your turn at all, the costs are not negligible. It's not for everyone." Says Knollema. OK GAS can normally deliver within two to three weeks. Supplying and installing a propane tank is relatively simple. Then we have also replaced the current equipment and connections.

It is therefore a logical intermediate step for businesses and consumers to permanently move away from natural gas. Because eventually everyone has to get rid of natural gas. By switching to propane gas, you give yourself time to switch to sustainable alternatives.

What does switching to propane gas look like in practice?

That's what Angeline Pex tells us. She owns a horse farm and a transport company in Limburg. For her, the choice was very simple. Her business does not have a permanent connection to the natural gas network and had to look for an alternative because of the high gas prices. She chose propane gas with OK Gas as her propane gas supplier.

Because in addition to heating the house, they also wash the horses that have to go with them to competitions. For this purpose they installed a large boiler in the horse barn. In winter she always washed the horses with hot water. That changed last winter, when she still heated with natural gas. Due to high gas prices, she was forced to turn off the hot water tap for washing the horses. 'Then wash with cold water.

Now she does a month and a half with one full tank

Pex, who claims to be economical in use, can do a month and a half with a full tank during the winter months. Last year she was shocked by the gas bill because of current gas prices. When she saw an article by LTO Netherlands and discovered that as an LTO member she could get a nice discount at OK GAS she decided to quickly switch. Martijn visited her and the switch went smoothly. The new tank was quickly connected. And although all interior piping was re-inspected, the connections were already in place. So the connection could be realized quickly.

What does a tank for propane gas cost?

The rental price of a propane gas tank from OK GAS varies and depends on the size of the tank. For a standard situation with one connection, the connection cost, including laying the ground pipe, is about 750 euros.

Connecting the combustion equipment.

The customer is responsible for connecting the propane gas to the combustion equipment. This is because it must be adjusted because of the difference in calorific value between propane gas and natural gas. This adjustment is usually quite simple, but it is left to the customer's installer. As a supplier of gas tanks and propane gas, OK GAS does not burn itself on the risks involved in installing combustion equipment. This is where the knowledge of a true specialist is needed.

Before OK GAS places a propane gas tank, buyers must meet some strict conditions, due to practical and safety-related circumstances. Knollema: "These include minimum distances from buildings and property boundaries, and the availability of sufficient space for the tankers. In residential construction, it can quickly become difficult to meet these space requirements and you get into a jam.'

What does switching to propane gas look like?

For buyers of OK GAS, the roadmap is very clear. A request for a quotation can be easily submitted via the website. The suitability of the location is then immediately checked. After a quotation for tank rental, including connection costs and gas price, has been drawn up, a visit from OK GAS will follow. 'During this visit, an account manager will review the situation and give advice on what, if anything, needs to be done to make the placement of the tank and connection to the buildings as easy as possible,' Knollema said.

Because every situation is different and needs customized advice. When all that is completed, the final quotation follows. Knollema: 'When the overall picture is agreed, we place the tank in the agreed place and make sure that the piping reaches the door. Wherever you want us to deliver the gas, we bring it. Then it is the specialist's responsibility to connect the gas to your installation.'

No more worrying about our gas tank

With Angeline, OK GAS has added a very satisfied customer. "I am extremely satisfied with OK GAS and the use of propane gas. The propane gas tank has a handy transmitter that measures the gas level and transmits it to OK GAS. This way we do not have to worry about refilling the tank. This was different in the past when we were with another supplier. Then there were no transmitters and things often went wrong. It sometimes took days before we had gas again and one time we even spent almost two weeks in the cold. I never want to go through that again. Fortunately, we now have OK GAS and we like it very much."

Did you know...

The greenhouse industry is the industry of choice to switch from natural gas to propane gas? After all, their heating costs are completely out of control because they heat with their combined heat and power (CHP) units. As a supplier of propane gas, we are therefore in talks with several of these companies. They can heat with propane gas instead of natural gas at an interesting rate. That makes it a very interesting and realistic alternative.

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