Propane gas tanks for industry & construction

Particularly with the war in Ukraine, and the accompanying huge increase in the price of natural gas, propane gas has become an inexpensive alternative to Industry in many cases.

Has your natural gas price risen sharply? Then propane gas might well be a good solution for your business! Propane gas has virtually the same properties as natural gas in terms of combustion and is an excellent and reliable substitute.
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Looking for an alternative to your natural gas supply?

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These tank distances are the basis for a safe staging area

The setting up of the propane tank is subject to legal regulations regarding distances to surrounding properties.

1. Distance propane tank - own building(s) >7.5 meters
2. Distance propane tank - parked cars >5 meters.
3. Distance propane tank - property boundary >5 meters
4. Distance propane tank - neighbors' buildings > 10 meters

A report for the establishment of a propane installation at the relevant digital government office is an obligation. Our account manager will assist you if required.

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If you can meet these minimum requirements, please contact our team. We can visit your site and provide a customized recommendation including quotation. Upon approval of the quote, OK GAS will deliver your tank and piping on short notice.
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Propane gas is automatically delivered by truck into a propane tank located on your property. You rent this propane tank from us and it is refilled automatically. The size of the tank required for your needs is determined together with you and our account manager.

From the propane tank we install an underground pipe to your building(s). Your installer will connect the line we install to your combustion equipment.

NOTE: Your combustion equipment must first be made suitable for propane gas by your installer, usually this is a small thing but it must be done.

A propane gas tank in 4 steps


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Tank placement
We will place your tank and connect everything. All you have to do is make sure you are present. One less thing to worry about!

Automatic filling
All of our tanks are equipped with a telemetry unit free of charge. This allows us to remotely measure how much gas is left in your tank. Thanks to this telemetry, you are never without gas!


Need energy for industrial applications?

Propane gas is the solution

Propane gas provides constant, easily controllable and flexible energy needed for melting, baking or drying ovens, among other things. Or for other industrial processes, such as industrial cooking or steaming of products.

Filling systems for internal transport

For internal transport such as forklifts, it is possible to supply and install our own filling installation. A state-of-the-art installation ensures that forklift tanks can be refueled comfortably, quickly and safely on site.
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Propane gas for the construction industry

Propane gas can also be used to heat storage areas in which a constant temperature is desired. In these cases, infrared, hot air, or radiant propane gas heaters are usually used.

You can also heat the shack, or storage areas, with propane gas. You can leave the tanks on as long as the project lasts.

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