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If you work in the agricultural sector, chances are you are in the outlying areas. Since there are often no natural gas connections here, you can enjoy the benefits of propane gas.

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Propane gas for arable farming

With propane gas you can safely and easily optimize the temperature. This is ideal for drying arable products that have just come off the land, for example. There are powerful drying installations for this, fired by propane.

OK GAS has a lot of experience in placing and installing drying installations. Thanks to its high calorific value, propane is ideally suited as a heating source.
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Propane gas for livestock farms

For animal husbandry, a good barn climate is crucial for good health and optimal growth of livestock. This can reduce or even prevent annoying problems such as diarrhea and respiratory diseases.

The propane gas from OK GAS has low CO2 emissions, so cattle are not bothered by combustion gases and the stables are heated efficiently.

Exclusive partner of LTO

OK GAS has been designated as the exclusive propane supply partner by industry association LTO and several smaller cooperatives.

LTO purchases propane gas on a large scale from OK GAS. As a result, LTO members save significantly on propane gas purchases.
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