Propane gas is the solution

With a propane tank, you can have your cooks cook on gas and also heat your business. With propane gas, you use less energy, provide the right working environment and your guests can enjoy in comfort.
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Propane connected to your central heating system

Is propane gas also suitable for heating my business?

Heating rooms in your hospitality business can be done just fine with a propane gas central heating system. Propane gas as an energy source for central heating is safe, economical and reliable. Furthermore, propane gas is a safe energy source for all systems that can produce hot water. Many high-efficiency boilers and geysers are available on propane gas.

A propane gas tank in 4 steps


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Tank placement
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Automatic filling
All of our tanks are equipped with a telemetry unit free of charge. This allows us to remotely measure how much gas is left in your tank. Thanks to this telemetry, you are never without gas!


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