Propane from OK GAS is 100% climate friendly

We are committed to environmental and climate-friendly measures. Our participation in climate protection projects offsets all CO2 emissions from our propane gas. We supply 100% CO2 offset propane gas to all our customers.
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What is CO2 offset propane gas?

CO2-compensated propane gas is propane gas where the CO2 emissions from gas consumption are offset by investing in sustainable (energy) projects.

These investments reduce CO2 emissions in various places around the world and fully offset the climate impact of burning propane.

What projects does OK GAS support?

Among other things, OK GAS is investing in a number of projects in India, where municipal waste treatment plants are being commissioned that mechanically treat and process the waste.

When waste decomposes, methane gas, among other things, is released. Free in the atmosphere, methane has a strong greenhouse effect. By building plants that collect, process and treat the waste and the methane gas released, it is not released into the atmosphere and can be used to produce green electricity.

Get your own certificate of C02 offsetting

With our certificate of CO2 offsetting, you can prove that the propane you use is fully CO2 offset, and which sustainability projects have been addressed. You can request this certificate annually from us to prove that your CO2 emissions have been fully offset.

Gerard Hermsen, Procurement Manager at Europarcs, recently received his certificate. Europarcs and Droomparken jointly saved 10788 tons of CO2 in 2020 by using CO2-compensated propane gas from OK GAS. The CO2 was offset through the Methane avoidance project in India.

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