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Looking for a propane gas tank? OK Gas is your reliable propane gas supplier! We take care of your propane gas from application to installation and maintenance. Request your quote directly online.
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Why a propane tank from OK GAS?

You never have to look back at your gas tank again. With telemetry, OK GAS ensures that you are always supplied with CO2 compensated propane gas.

The specialists at OK GAS are always at your service. Because we believe in a personal approach, you always have a single point of contact.

The advantages of a propane gas tank from OK GAS

telemetry in propane gas
Never run out of gas thanks to telemetry
propane gas certificate
Only certified specialists
Deal with propane gas
One point of contact throughout our relationship
Co2 emissions for propane gas
100% CO2 Compensated

Ordering a propane tank in 4 steps

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When we come to install the tank, we will be happy to advise you on optimal energy supply. We will also be happy to answer your questions

Installation of a propane tank

Tank placement
We will place your tank and connect everything. All you have to do is make sure you are present. One less thing to worry about!

Automatic filling
All of our tanks are equipped with a telemetry unit free of charge. This allows us to remotely measure how much gas is left in your tank. Thanks to this telemetry, you are never without gas!


Temporary or underground propane tank?

Do you temporarily, such as during a remodel, not have access to a natural gas connection? Then consider having a temporary propane gas tank installed.

More about temporary propane tanks>

Would you rather not have a flashy tank in the garden? OK GAS can also supply underground propane tanks which can be concealed almost invisibly.

More about underground propane tanks>

No more worries about refilling your propane tank

A gas tank needs to be refilled. You can choose to have OK GAS perform the replenishment automatically. We use an automated tank filling system for this purpose, so you are guaranteed a timely supply.
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Your safety is important to us

Our personnel always have the appropriate training and are continuously updated on safety and environmental issues. OK GAS also requires this from the various partners we work with.

Our services more than meet the standards set by law. For example, in our gas transport we only work with the most modern trucks with the most economical and cleanest engines.

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All your questions about propane gas tanks answered

Do you also build LPG installations in RVs, caravans and or boats?

No, we don't.

Do I need a permit for a propane gas tank?

You do not usually need a permit to have a gas tank installed. However, the placement and use of the gas tank must be reported to the local competent authority. A permit is required if the tank is larger than 13,000 liters and/or there are more than two tanks at one address. Furthermore, you must have a permit if liquid propane is extracted from one or more propane tanks and/or if there is the use of an evaporator connected to (one of) the tank(s).

What safety regulations must I comply with when installing a gas tank?

Compliance with safety regulations is crucial when installing a gas tank on your property. Our account manager will discuss options with you and help you choose a suitable location for the tank. Then we will arrange for its placement in the agreed upon location. Next, the gas line needs to be laid to/in your home. OK GAS can take care of this for you, or you can choose to have your own certified installer. After approval of the installation, the propane system can be put into operation.

What is the cost of installing a gas tank at my home?

The price for installing a gas tank on your property varies, depending on factors such as whether you choose an underground or above-ground tank and its size. The installation of a standard gas tank, including gas line installation, starts at about €900. We are happy to prepare a customized quote for you to offer the best rates.

How regularly should I maintain my gas tank?

Regular maintenance of your gas tank is essential to ensure that it remains in good condition and functions safely. Gas tanks should be maintained according to NPR2578 guidelines. As the owner of the tank, OK GAS is responsible for performing maintenance through visual inspections and periodic tank changes. We always schedule an appointment in advance to avoid unexpected situations.

Is it possible for my gas tank to run out at home?

Yes, this is possible. To minimize this risk, OK GAS uses telemetry. This technology allows remote measurement and transmission of data. At a gas tank, telemetry is deployed to measure and monitor gas tank levels so that OK GAS has timely knowledge of the remaining amount of propane gas in the tank and can refill in a timely manner.

We have a gas system for our forklifts. Can you supply those as well?

Yes you can. We have several options for this. For example, we can place an LPG tank with off-take column on your property.

What should I do in the event of a gas leak in my gas tank?

- Close the gas withdrawal valve on the tank. - Shut off the gas supply inside. - Extinguish all open flames. - Do not turn on electrical appliances (keep in mind appliances can turn on and off automatically) - Open all doors and windows and ventilate enough at a low level (propane is heavier than air). Call OK-GAS and/or your installer.

Can I have OK-GAS fill a tank from another supplier?

No, that is unfortunately not possible. OK-GAS only fills its own propane gas tanks, because we can only guarantee safety and control for our own gas tanks.

May I place plantings around my gas tank?

Vegetation and/or planting around the propane gas tank is allowed. However, it should not interfere with proper natural ventilation and should be properly maintained. The propane tank must have adequate access all around for operation, stocking, inspection and maintenance.

May I cover my propane gas tank? For example, with a camouflage net?

No. The propane gas tank may not be covered. Not even with a camouflage net. This is for the sake of safety.

Do you also supply and install a central heating boiler?

No. OK-GAS is a propane gas supplier and only supplies and installs the propane gas tank. If necessary, we also install the required ground piping from the gas tank to the home(s). We can, however, advise you on regulations for installing propane-fired equipment and also work with a number of regional installers.