What is telemetry and how does it work?

Telemetry is a technology that has become increasingly important in recent years, both in industry and in our daily lives. And so we get the question "What is telemetry and how does it work?" on a daily basis. We explain what you need to know about telemetry, from the technical details to the practical applications.
Refilling a gas tank by a supplier
Through telemetry, we have insight into when your tank needs to be filled
Telemetry in a gas tank from OKGAS

What is telemetry?

Telemetry is a communication method in which information is collected from remote or inaccessible locations and sent to a central point for monitoring and analysis. This is usually done wirelessly via radio or satellite communications.

Telemetry uses sensors to collect data such as temperature, pressure and humidity. This data is then converted into electrical signals and sent to a receiver. The receiver decodes the signals and converts them into useful information.

Telemetry is widely used in various industries, such as:
  • Environmental monitoring: to collect data on air quality, water quality and soil conditions
  • Energy and utility companies: to monitor data on energy consumption and networks
  • Transportation and logistics: to track the location and status of vehicles and loads
  • Healthcare: to remotely monitor and track patient data

Telemetry in the propane gas industry

Telemetry plays an important role in the propane gas industry, especially for suppliers such as OK GAS. By applying telemetry, we can accurately monitor the gas level in storage tanks so that we can determine in a timely manner when a tank needs to be refilled. This ensures a more efficient supply and avoids unnecessary interruptions in the gas supply.

The benefits of telemetry for OK GAS customers include:

Telemetry is widely used in various industries, such as:
  • Reduced chance of empty tanks, thanks to real-time monitoring
  • Cost savings through more efficient inventory management
  • Less environmental impact by reducing unnecessary deliveries
  • Increased safety through remote monitoring of any leaks
With telemetry, you'll never run out of propane again

So, telemetry helps OK GAS improve service to its customers by providing timely and accurate propane gas supply information. With the help of telemetry, we can unburden our customers. Never worry about your gas tank again because of telemetry!


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