FAQ | How dangerous is propane gas?

Propane gas is a widely used fuel for heating, cooking and other applications. It is important to know how dangerous propane gas can be and how to use it safely. As a propane gas supplier, we often get the question "how dangerous is propane gas really. We are happy to explain that to you. We explain the dangers of propane gas and provide practical tips to minimize them.
Cooking on propane gas
  1. Propane gas is a colorless and odorless hydrocarbon gas that is liquefied under pressure. It is heavier than air, which means it stays low in case of leaks and can accumulate in low areas. Propane is flammable and can explode when exposed to an ignition source.
  2. Safety precautions and rules of thumb for using propane gas safely.
    Store propane gas in approved propane tanks. These can also be placed underground.
    Install carbon monoxide and propane gas detectors near gas appliances.
    Have gas appliances checked periodically by a professional.
  3. Propane gas can be safely used for heating, cooking, barbecuing and as fuel for some vehicles. By taking proper precautions and following the recommendations of OK GAS, you can enjoy the benefits of propane gas without worrying about the dangers.

So, is propane gas really as dangerous as claimed? Propane gas can be dangerous if not used properly, but with the right knowledge and precautions, you can use it safely and efficiently. At OK GAS, we are happy to help advise you on the safe use of propane gas in your specific situation. Contact us for more information and personalized advice.
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